A Foodie’s Guide to Bangkok’s Markets


One could say that Bangkok was made of markets


We hone in on the markets that take us on a trip back stage of beautiful Thai cuisine as we know it. There is the promise of everything and anything. If you are looking for markets along the way of your food journey across Bangkok, these three are definitely ones that you’ll need to check off your list.

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Klong Suan Roi Pee

One market that truly captures the ancient Thai culture is the Klong Suan Roi Pee (or Klong Suan 100 year old market). Aptly named, here you will see stalls after stalls of antique cookie boxes, reminiscent candies and age old restaurants, including one situated on a terrace above the canal that runs through the markets. But leave some room for some snacks along the way like Thai style scotch eggs, steamed rice in lotus leaves with various fillings and for the game players, stewed duck webs and deep fried duck tongues.

Tha Tian Market

Street food boost your immune!

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The subtle marketplace neighbouring the renowned Wat Pho, situated in a heritage building, is better known as Tha Tian markets. It’s tiny deceiving door opens out into an overwhelming warehouse giving you a glimpse of the everyday local trading lifestyle. But this is not a place for the weak as travellers like you and I are confronted with exotic dried seafood, pastes and spices in large sacks.

Or Tor Kor Market

If you want more than just to eat great Thai, and you want to go to the beginning of the journey of how that delicious pile of hunger killer came to be on your plate, then the Or Tor Kor market is for you. The world’s 4th best fresh market offers all the quintessential Thai ingredients to cook up any creative or authentic Thai cuisine. This is where I would come for all my fresh Thai fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and the wonderful world of spices and condiments. You could pick up things to cook up a storm that’s out of this world. Or completely pike out and grab one of the ready to eat meals like fish curry, som tam and finishing up with grilled coconut pancakes.

This food trip is one for the serious contenders, those of us keen to delve into the nitty gritty of Thai cuisine and culture. It can be relaxing at times but for the most part an assault on the senses so be prepared to tough it out like the locals do!

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