Nok Air CEO, Patee Sarasin, Explains Airline’s Future


Learn About Thailand’s Nok Air


Nok Air is a low cost airline in Bangkok, Thailand, based at Don Mueang International Airport (DMK). As Bangkok has two airports, this is not to be confused with Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport which uses the code (BKK). The region is highly competitive in the low cost carrier market and airlines like Nok Air stimulate travel with their low fares.

The fleet at Nok Air includes the Boeing 737-800 aircraft seating 189 passengers and two smaller aircraft types, the ATR-72-500 seating 66 and the Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 seating 86. With a simple, yet diverse fleet, Nok Air is able to operate to the most destinations in Thailand, including smaller airports.

As a result, the airline takes the title of “Largest Domestic Market Airline in Thailand.” The airline code for Nok Air is DD and company slogan is “Smiling Across Asia.” Aside from domestic airports serviced, Nok Air has relationships with ferry services to transport passengers to popular islands including Koh Samui. Air to International Coach Bus transfers are likewise available for travelers bound for Vientiane and Pakse in Laos.

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Connecting Someone with Somewhere

Patee Sarasin, the CEO of Nok Air, spoke with us about their growth in Southeast Asia. The addition of new markets is very dynamic with many interesting destinations. The fast growth of low cost carriers allows passengers to fly point to point (i.e. origin to destination), eliminating the need to change planes in many cases. Flights are also really quite cheap, but please remember you must pay for add-on services aside from the flight itself.

Fun, Innovative and Ambitious

During our interview Nok Air’s CEO compares the airline with US Based Southwest Airlines, where the flight attendants are light hearted and have fun. However, he proclaims they’re more than double the fun of what Southwest does. Nok Air’s innovation ideas allowed them to become the only carrier in Thailand to offer free WiFi, but they’re working on a variety of ideas to make travel and life easier.

Finally, the airline has already expanded internationally within the region, including Yangon, Myanmar, and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as Hanoi in Vietnam. For further expansion, Sarasin looks to China. Watch our interview with the “rare bird” himself, Patee Sarasin, to learn more including new destinations Nok Air will be adding to their route-map. Sarasin is a one of a kind CEO, we’ve even seen him mentioned as the “Richard Branson of Southeast Asia,” but a rare bird, most definitely.

Two Bangkok Airports – Avoid Confusion

Finally, just in case you’re not familiar, there’s two international airports in Bangkok. With two airports serving the greater Bangkok area this creates confusion for some travelers showing up at the wrong airport. It happens more than you think, don’t make this mistake! Briefly, the primary international airport is Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International which uses the airport code BKK. Today, the Old Bangkok International Airport, or Don Mueang (DMK) services primarily low cost carriers, with both domestic and international flights.

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