About Us

About The iTravel Channel TV

We’re the fastest growing Travel and Lifestyle internet video brand in Southeast Asia. Specifically, our emphasis is on Thailand, Myanmar, and The Philippines.  Our innovative video travel guides inform and entertain travelers while covering nearly everything.  This includes where to eat, sleep, how to get-around, and the best things to see and do when traveling to Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2012, Bangkok based The iTravel Channel TV has become a trend-setter in travel video content thanks to our production company, Kirby Studios Co Ltd.  Our combined mission is to connect travelers in the west with the best of Southeast Asia.

Our DNA is Travel and Lifestyle

The iTravel Channel TV is more than a Travel and Tourism video guide as we combine travel with lifestyle.  When we add the lifestyle element along with our creativity, magic happens! This magic is realized with the unique line-up of shows we produce including Eat Asia, Romantic Escapes, iTravel Exclusives, and our highly popular iTips series.

As an industry leader in the promotion of Southeast Asia Travel and Tourism, our creative team, production group and international hosts work together to provide high caliber content you can count on.  Our quality work doesn’t go unnoticed – in fact, we work with government tourism agencies.  We’re proud to be recognized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Our reach is unprecedented both here in Thailand and across the globe with over a million page views each month.  Our audience includes tourists from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Germany, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, and The Philippines.  On social media, our presence reaches across 23 pages with over 1 million fans on Facebook alone.

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Commitment to Travel and Tourism Industry

We’re committed to the industry and its well-being across the globe.  Travel and Tourism not only boosts economies, but provides economic and social stability to many. Bridges are built, friendships are made, and countless relationships, of all types, are cultivated.  This happens as people from different cultures connect and learn from one another through travel.

The Travel and Tourism Industry is not only the largest service industry in the world, but accounts for 10% of the national GDP here in Thailand, our home.

This past year has been challenge for the industry.  At the iTravel Channel TV we work to send a message of unity, stability, and peace to the industry and travelers alike.   In response to challenges, we’ve produced two unifying videos this past year, Together and Bangkok Strong.

Finally, we’re committed to responsible travel including protection of the environment for future generations.  This includes educating travelers on culture, do’s and don’ts, and promoting eco-friendly policies.