Opening Ceremony: The Amazing Songkran Festival 2017


The Amazing Songkran Joyful Procession Leads the Way into the Songkran Holidays


Bangkok was the place to be on Saturday, April 8th, when the city kicked off the Songkran holidays by hosting the Amazing Songkran Joyous Procession which took place along Sukhumvit Road in the heart of Bangkok’s shopping district.

Amazing Songkran 2017 at Benjasiri Park
Thais love to wear colorful clothing during Songkran.

The procession also served as the grand opening to the Amazing Thailand Festival Experience 2017 which is being held from April 8th until the 13th in Bangkok’s Benjasiri Park.

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The Amazing Songkran Joyful Procession Showcased the Color and Diversity of Thailand

The procession was presided over by H.E. General Tanasak Patimapragorn, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand and consisted of 6 parts, including: The Amazing Blossom of Siam, the Songkran Goddess, Krini Devi, who represents Songkran 2017. The myths and traditions of Songkran were brought alive by floats full of floral arrangements from the five regions of Thailand.

Amazing Songkran 2017
H.E. General Tanasak Patimapragorn, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand presided over the procession.

The concept of a Green Songkran was represented by eco-friendly cars and the ‘Earth of Green Songkran Show’. Thailand also honored their neighbors by displaying the Songkran traditions of Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar. At the end of the procession was a showcase of classic and distinctive cars that journeyed from all across Thailand to take part in the festivities in Bangkok.

Amazing Songkran 2017 at Benjasiri Park
Thais also enjoy dressing traditionally during the Songkran holidays.

Amazing Songkran Experience Festival 2017

The procession also served to lead the way to the Amazing Songkran Experience Festival 2017, which is taking place in Bangkok’s Benjasiri Park from the 8th to the 13th of April. The festival will showcase the festival experiences taking place in different regions around the country during the Songkran holidays.

Amazing Songkran 2017 at Benjasiri Park
People were on hand to explain Songkran’s rituals to visitors.

The Amazing Songkran Experience Festival features booths and displays that showcase all the diversity, culture, handicrafts and, of course, the delicious foods that the different regions are famous for.

Visitors to Benjasiri Park will be able to sample the rich traditions of the various regions without ever having to leave Bangkok, but the festival is also designed to encourage people to explore these different regions to gain the full experience that the differing cultures provide, and that together make up the rich fabric of Thailand.

Songkran is a Major Attraction Tourist Attraction

Songkran has become a major attraction to visitors from all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of tourists will travel to Thailand during the Songkran holiday period to join in the fun and experience Songkran for themselves.

Amazing Songkran 2017 at Benjasiri Park
A foreign visitor learns the tradition of exchanging string bracelets.

During the 2017 Songkran Festival period, it is estimated that the number of international tourists traveling to Thailand will experience a 10 per cent rise to well over 470,000. This will generate revenue figures of over 8 million Baht and represents an increase of 17 per cent over the same New Year period last year.

Amazing Songkran 2017 at Benjasiri Park
Another foreigner pays his respects to Buddha.
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