Delight your palate at the “Amazing Thai Taste Festival 2017”

Amazing Thai taste festival 2017 compiles the famous foods & drink from around Thailand, in a form of street market with venders food carts.


Take a glimpse at the wonderful street food


Brace yourself for one of the most tasty and diverse food festival in Bangkok, “Amazing Thai Taste Festival 2017”. The festival compiles all the popular street foods around Bangkok city. You can find anything range from famous mainstream food, to the original authentic Thai food.

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There’s all kinds food from every province in Thailand included, Thai sausage, Kao soi, Hung lae curry, and much more.The festival takes the style of night market, with variety of venders and food carts to choose from. The amazing part about this festival is that you can eat while you walk and enjoy the scenery of the vibrant local street food that makes you crave for more.

You can also enjoy traditional fruits carving that’s considered to be very rare and very difficult to master. There’s also Local fruits zone for you to taste the freshest and the most delicious local fruits for fruits lovers.

“Amazing Thai Taste Festival 2017”
Credit: FB Page @coupletravelofficial
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Enjoy the fusion dishes from various food trucks

If you want to try something new other than traditional Thai foods, there’s also sheer amount of fusion food carts that might tickling your curiosity. Range from colorful rainbow pancakes, Soft and fluffy bread with dribbling chocolate fillings. Or if you’re thirsty from eating all those food, you can hydrate yourself with colorful fruit punch and blue Hawaii, served from syringes and blood bags. You can also try traditional Thai coffee and drinks together with all the snacks to enhance your experiences.

Couple “Amazing Thai Taste Festival 2017” 5
Credit: FB Page @coupletravelofficial
Couple “Amazing Thai Taste Festival 2017” 5
Credit: FB Page @coupletravelofficial

Another thing that might interest you is the stage shows that takes popular chefs and celebrity to demonstrate their culinary skills live in front of everyone including, flying ice-cream from Nakhon pathom, and fire The Tarik tea from Khra bi.


You can enjoy yourself at this festival today until 11th of June Opening time is from 5-10pm (Sunday til 9pm), around the area of Makkasan Airport Rail Link Station. For more information, contact 1672 or

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