Organic Agriculture Project in Sukhothai


An Unmissable Natural Attraction: Sukhothai’s Organic Agriculture Project


If you think airports are just runways, expensive food and long wait times then think again. The city of Sukhothai is just over 400 km away from Bangkok, and its airport is definitely doing some interesting things that may change your mind. Nestled on the same grounds as the airport is the Organic Agriculture Project.

So to give you an idea of what to expect, as you come into land the area surrounding looks like a safari – lush vegetation and interesting animals! Started about 10 years ago, this idea behind this attraction was to simply investigate organic rice farming as a way to educate the community.  The owner of the place wanted a way to help local farmers by utilizing the traditional crop of rice. By making the produce organic they hoped to inspire more farmers to go chemical free for health and sustainable reasons.

Everything here is grown organically and they use interesting methods to keep it that way – including using ducks as pest control! The ducks eat the insects and lay eggs for use on the farm. And you can even try your hand at planting and picking rice too! Now the original small rice plot has grown to 600 rai of land and includes an exotic zoo. They also have an onsite outdoor restaurant which uses the produce grown there to make delicious local cuisine.
Organic Agriculture Project Sukhothai Airport
And another unique thing is currently they have about 300 albino buffalo that they have collected over the years which are said to bring good karma as well, as zebra, giraffes and exotic plant life.  And what’s really exciting is next year they will have on-site bungalows where visitors can stay and enjoy the site. If you want a hands on approach to organic farming or to glimpse into the lives of local farmers and their time-tested techniques then you should visit.

As one of the cultural centers of Thailand – Sukhothai is quiet, calm, beautiful and endlessly interesting. And the Organic Agriculture Project is just one of many cool things to do.

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