Art in Paradise in Chiang Mai


Top Things to See and Do in Art in Paradise in Chiang Mai


Over 130 pieces of art adorn the museum, each painted in 2D but done so in a way that makes it come alive in an extraordinary three-dimensional and interactive way. This art form is known as Illusion Art and Art in Paradise, the creation of an enterprising Korean artist, is the first museum of its kind in Northern Thailand.

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Get up close with the Interactive 3D Artworks

While most art museums forbid visitors from getting too close to the artwork, Art in Paradise actively encourages its guests to interact with and enjoy the pieces, fully immersing themselves in the interactive 3D artworks, as if they are part of the paintings. Divided into six distinct zones, you can journey from ancient Egypt to secret underwater worlds and get the chance to see classic works of art in an entirely new and fun way. Make sure you have your camera with you and enjoy becoming part of the paintings.

Plan your Chiang Mai Vacation, Holiday or Getaway

Art in Paradise makes you look at art in an entirely new way, transforming ordinary artworks into extraordinary, interactive and highly entertaining pieces and a visit to the museum makes for an unforgettable Chiang Mai experience.

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