Avatar: Discover Pandora Bangkok, The Blue Na’vi In Thailand

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Avatar, The Tales of Pandora


Avatar is a fantasy 3D animated film by James Cameron that captivated the world with an amazing story and stunning visual graphics. The film is so good that it’s currently the highest grossing film in the world, with the worldwide grossing of $2,787,965,087 in 2009.

Now in Bangkok for a limited time you can land on Pandora and experience Avatar life at the Avatar: Discover Pandora, Bangkok exhibition. The exhibition is based on “Pandora”, an imaginary planet that the film is set in. In Pandora, lies a very distinct human-like creature named Na’vi. The Na’vi have human traits, with a bigger body proportion, and distinct blue skin.

In the exhibition you will see the beautiful, colourful and imaginary settings of Pandora, where the plants and animals are so cool you wish they really existed. You can see the actual size of the creatures that roam Pandora, see the Na’vi and much more!

70% of the content in the exhibition is interactive. It’s very immersive, realistic, and makes you feel like you actually have landed in the world of Pandora.

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  • Sea Sand and Sun Pattaya
  • Kirby Studios Video Production

Highlights of the Exhibition

There are 10 zones available in this exhibition with each zone separated into smaller Pandora themes so it is easier to apprehend what really is pandora. The first 3 zones are just introductory information about what is Pandora and how to get there.

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