Avatar: Discover Pandora Bangkok, The Blue Na’vi In Thailand




In this zone you will get to experience the environment of Pandora. You can see and listen to the sound of plants and environment while exploring.

Na’vi Culture

In this zone you will get to know more about the Na’vi, what are they, how do they live, and much more. You will see the actual size of their weapons and their musical instruments. Lastly, you will learn how to speak in Na’vi language that you will are able to record and get sent to your E-mail.


After you are finished with the Na’vi you can move onto this zone. In this particular zone you will get to know more about the living creatures that call Pandora home. You will get a chance to see the life-size creatures in all their glory.

Above Pandora

One of the iconic things in Pandora is the Hallelujah mountain that is miraculously floating in the air by magnetic fields. You will be able to see the miniature version of the mountain and have a chance to play with the Banshee, the bird/dragon like creature you see in the movie, through an interactive game.

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