Avatar: Discover Pandora Bangkok, The Blue Na’vi In Thailand




The glowing forest is what makes Avatar so special. You will get a chance to see glowing mystical beasts and plants that are totally stunning.

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This zone shows the humans side, ranging from their equipment in order to survive in Pandora, weapons, and AMP mech, which you get to play with in an interactive game.


One of the most important objects to Na’vi is the mystical tree known as the ‘Tree of souls’. This tree is the origin of every living organism on the planet and the source of giving energy to everything on Pandora.

There is so much more for you to discover and enjoy in this exhibition so make haste because this exhibition is only here until September 4th.

Open/Close: 11.00 – 21.30
Entry: 490 Baht for adults and 390 Baht for children.

To know more you can visit their offical website at www.avatardiscoverpandora.com

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