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Baba Wedding Festival in Phuket, Thailand

Let’s begin in Phuket, which will hold its annual Baba Wedding Festival on 18 to 19 June. The Baba people, as they are known in Phuket are descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to the island seeking a new and better life by working in tin mines back in the 19th century.

Today they celebrate their unique heritage and traditions with this fascinating and colourful celebration, which involves couples getting married en mass in Phuket’s old town quarter. Street celebrations, including a lively parade and a lion dance are then held to honour the newlyweds in spectacular fashion.

World Music Day “La Fête de la Musique in Bangkok”

Next up, in celebration of World Music Day, the annual “La Fête de la Musique” (or “Music Day”) returns to Bangkok. The free festival will feature live bands, a screening of a special music documentary, a panel discussions, digital installations as well as an indoor and outdoor flea market. The event will be held at the Alliance Francaise de Bangkok on Wireless Road in Central Bangkok on June 18th from 2pm onwards.

Mudpack Festival in the Philippines

Last up let’s head to the Philippines for the wonderfully unusual Mudpack Festival. Oneness with nature is the underlying theme behind this annual mud-throwing spectacle, and is symbolic of a time when man was closer to nature. The highlight of the festival is a lively parade of energetic dancers making their way through the streets to the beat of drums whilst wearing nearly nothing but a thick layer of mud and clay over their faces and bodies.

This year the festival will be held on June 23 at Mambukal Mountain Resort in the province of Negros Occidental in the western Philippines.

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