Bangkok Airways Wins 2 Awards for Best Regional Airline


Bangkok Airways Wins 2 Awards for Best Regional Airline


On July 12 at Farnborough International Air Show in London, Captain Puttipong Prasattong-Osoth and fellow crew members picked up two remarkable awards from Skytrax on behalf of Bangkok Airways. Not only has the airline been dubbed ‘Best Regional Airline in Asia 2016’, it has also been named ‘World’s Best Regional Airline 2016’, securely cementing its status as one of the finest airlines in the world.

Upon receiving the awards, the captain eloquently thanked all of the voters and promised that the airline’s staff would continue to strive to maintain these illustrious standards and maintain its status as Asia’s boutique airline. This isn’t the first time Bangkok Airways has scooped these awards. Since the turn of the century the airline has been handed four other accolades by Skytrax, as the result of voting by travelers from across the globe. Skytrax awards are also known as ‘Passengers choice’ awards, and are the highest honour any airline can receive, being thought of as a benchmark of global prowess.
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With such accolades accorded to it, there can be no doubt about Bangkok Airway’s status as one of the world’s premier airlines and the finest regional airline on the continent – and, with such high standards of service, it is likely there will be many more awards in years to come.

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