Ep3: Pia Wurtzbach’s Hand-Picked Bangkok Luxurious Lifestyle


Luxurious Dining in the Sky


At the Rooftop, Vertigo and Moon Bar Pia was amazed at the beauty of the 360-degree view of Bangkok City saying “how beautiful is that”. The weather had cleared from an earlier storm which allowed her to enjoy a beautiful sunset before sitting down and dining under the stars.

Pia enjoyed a delightful and full flavored, 4-course menu starting with an entree of, The Vertigo Caesar Salad followed by a delicious Thai Tom Yum Pumpkin Crab Chowder. For main she selected the tantalizing Australian Premium Double Lamb Cutlet. The meal was finished off with a gorgeous Lemon Tart with creamy Mango and Raspberry Sorbet. Each meal was matched perfectly with different wines to fully enhance the flavor.

With a fulfilled appetite, Pia took in the amazing scenery from the Rooftop, looking down at the city below from 62 stories high.

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  • Pia's Journey to Bangkok, Thailand

Pia’s Traditional Ramayana Dance

The next night Pia was able to relax more and enjoy in a traditional Ramayana Dance which she found was great. The dancers performed for both her and Tim Yap.

Ramayana Dance at Shangri-la Hotel Bangkok

As they watched the Ramayana Dance they lived streamed it to online fans that were eagerly waiting to see what she was getting up to. Once the dance was complete Pia and Tim got up and interacted with the dancers by making different poses with them while getting photos taken.

The Ramayana Dance was then met with a luxurious Horizon Cruise on the Chao Phraya River. It was Pia’s first time on a cruise so of course, she was excited to experience it.

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