Eat Asia Episode 1: Bangkok Market Tour


Eat Asia Guide to Bangkok Market Tour


Welcome to the first ever episode of Eat Asia where we take you on a market tour in the capital! Bangkok is a city literally, figuratively and amazingly filled with food. And Eat Asia is making sure we explore every fried, spicy, fragrant delight on offer from the city’s streets to exquisite restaurants. Eat Asia is all about taking a journey into true Thai food with passionate food journalist Natalie. In this episode Natalie takes on Bangkok head on by exploring the central Thai dish of Pad Krapow. This dish has such humble origins and is well-loved that it is known as the ‘Thai hamburger.” It’s an addictive mix of meat or vegetables fried with copious amounts of chili, garlic and holy basil served with rice. To learn the origins of this dish, Natalie joins with a Five-star international chef to go to the local fresh markets and get acquainted with the ingredients. She then picks organic ingredients for Krapow with the doyenne of traditional Bangkok cuisine – learning her family stories. Join Natalie next week as she learns how to cook Pad Krapow the traditional way with three Thai chefs. Follow the journey!
Bangkok Market Tour with Eat Asia

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