Basic Thai Greetings You Should Know


How to Greet like Thai people?


Thai people has a very distinct way to communicate, greet, and show respect to one another. By simply “Wai” is the best way to greet everyone politely, a handshake is not so common among Thai people so a Wai is recommended.

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Basic Pronouns in Thai

Thai language has a pronoun for each different age to indicates your age and at the same time shows respect and manners towards others. For instance:
“Pi” As an indicator for a person respectively older than you but not much. Try to estimate the age of the person you are talking to since calling someone much older than you “Pi” is not very polite.
“Nong” As an indicator for a person younger than you, this can range from a teenager to little kids
“Khun” is the safest words to call someone, it’s for the same ages but allowed to use if you are not sure about the person’s age.
“Khun Ta” translated as grandpa, use to call male elderly people. If they are clearly looks older than you use “Khun Ta”
“Khun Yai” translated as grandma, use to call female elderly people. Use “Khun yai” when you see someone who is clearly old

And remember to always finish your sentence with a “Kha” for women, and a “Krub” for men in every sentences and words.

If you wanted to call someone over for instance a waiter, you can simply call them by their pronouns followed by a “Kha” or “Krub”.

Basic Greetings in Thai

“Sawadee” – is the common word for Hello and Goodbye
“Sabai Dee Mai?” – How are you?
“Khorb Khun” – Thank You
“Mai Bpen Rai” – No Worries
“Kor Thod” – Excuse Me

Always following these sentences with a “Kha” or “Krub” for politeness.

How to Introduce Yourself in Thai?

There is also a different pronouns for you to called yourself which depends on your gender which is ”Phom” if you are a guy, and ”Chan” if you are a girl
“Cheu” – name
“Chan Cheu” – My name is (girl’s name)
“Phom Cheu Jinder” – My name is Jinder
“Yin Dee Tee Dai Ruu Jak” – Its nice to meet you
“Phom Cheu Jinder” – My name is Jinder
“Pab-neung na krub/kha” – a moment please

And the final tip is that always speak these words with a confidence and always smile, Thai people really like foreigner who are willing to embrace Thai culture so keep you chin up and start practicing.

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