Be Bus Savvy: Ekkamai Bus Terminal


How to Get to Ekkamai Bus Terminal


Also known as Ekkamai Eastern Bus Station, As the name suggested it is the main way and the easiest way to transport to each province in the eastern region. There are mainly 3 ways to get to Ekkamai Bus Terminal.

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BTS sky train

The easiest way to get to the Ekkamai bus terminal is to board the BTS sky train on Sukhumvit station to Ekkamai station, then take the exit number 2 to the station. You can clearly see the station from the sky train.

City bus

There is a lot of buses that you can board to Ekkamai station. There are buses number 2, 25, 38, 40, 45, 48, 98, 184, 501, 508, 511, 513 that pass Ekkamai station, so keep an eye out, or you might miss the station.


The last resort if you fear of getting lost, Taxi is the easiest and most comfortable way to get to Ekkamai station.

Since the traffics in the Sukhumvit areas are very bad, we suggest you take BTS as your first choice.

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Bus routes

The Ekamai station covers a lot of main locations in the eastern region included,
Trat (KohChang)

A more popular location like Pattaya bus leaves every 20 minutes, and less popular location like Koh Chang will leave in about every 2 hours and only leave in the morning.

Ekkamai bus time table

The timetable might fluctuate depends on many circumstances like weather, traffics, etc.

Types of buses

You can buy the ticket at the 29 ticket booths provided in the station. The first booth will be the government bus window, followed by private bus window. Every bus is an A/C touring bus that is separated into 2 categories, standard 1, and standard 2.

Standard 1

Standard 1 gives you a direct path to the destination without any stops and uses the highway. Standard 1 is for people who wanted the fastest way to your destination.

Standard 2

Standard 2 are cheaper but take some stops and passengers along the way and does not use the highway, so standard 2 are slower than standard 1. You can spot the standard 2 by looking at the orange stripes on the bus.

Standard 2 bus


Please check for holiday seasons in advance because it might be a busy time and you might have to book your seat in advance.
(The website is not in the English language), or call 0-2391-6846 for more information.

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