Be Bus Savvy: Victory Monument


Minivans go-everywhere!


Being the black sheep of the family, the Victory Monument Terminal is more for minivans than buses. The Victory Monument is characterized by a huge roundabout with the tall-standing monument set in the middle. The easiest way to get there is via the Victory Monument BTS station and then taking the elevated skywalk to the minivan stops.  If you’re more of a minivan type of person, Victory Monument is for you!

The huge roundabout is indicative of the direction in which these minivans go- everywhere! However, it doesn’t go too far. The vans generally service the central region of Thailand including many beautiful attractions such as Pattaya, Koh Chang, Koh Samet, Hua Hin and Ayuthaya. If you want to go to other destinations in Thailnd, there is also a bus to Mochit Bus Terminal which covers more ground.

Finding the right bus can be challenging at best of times because the signs are usually written in Thai. But just mention to the nearest wandering minivan man and they’ll hustle you off to the right vehicle in a jiffy. There are also different clusters of minivan stops so find the one next to the Centre One Mall which offer the tried, tested and trusted services. The minivans are however a little more expensive than the buses from other bus terminals.

Having said that, breakdowns do happen less often and they are almost always air-conditioned. All fares will fall between 100-200 baht and it also offers buses to Don Mueng Airport for 30 baht and Suvarnabhumi Airport for 40 baht. So as long as you find your way to the right cluster of minivans, everything should be smooth sailing from there.

Be weary of vendors sitting on the streets offering to sell you tickets for scam trips – they’re usually the ones making the biggest fuss.

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