Make a Boating Trip Part of Your Phuket Experience


The Phuket Boating Experience


Whether you’re a landlubber at heart or an experienced seafarer, no visit to Phuket is complete without experiencing the magic of exploring the calm, crystal clear waters around Phuket by privately chartered boat. Chartering a private boat is easy and affordable and can provide memories that will last for years.

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Over the years, Phuket has become a magnet for boating enthusiasts all over the world who brave the seven seas to sample the joys of sailing in these tranquil waters. They spend their days exploring the myriad amounts of tall, limestone islands, peaceful bays and stunning white sand beaches around the island of Phuket.

Bristol Charter Phuket
A typical luxurious and spacious boat available for charter.

Phuket serves as the boating hub for the ASEAN region as the island has developed numerous anchorages and marinas offering complete services for boat-owners. The scenic attractions of the region are all easily reached within a day’s boating excursion, making Phuket the perfect location for this hub. However, you certainly don’t have to arrive by boat to enjoy the boating lifestyle. Anyone can charter a boat and explore the scenic wonders of the area.

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Ao Po Grand Marina – The Gateway to an Adventure on the Water

Although, most of the marinas on the island offer boat charter services, Ao Po Grand Marina caters to them and has a large concentration of charter companies on the property. They offer 14 yacht and boat charter companies where you can choose between a number of different styles and sizes of boats. The marina is centrally-located on the island and is within less than an hours’ drive of any location on the island.

The marina also offers high-quality rental accommodations, for those who to want immerse themselves in the boating lifestyle and plan to spend a lot of their time on the water.

Booking Your Boat Charter is Easy

Whether you’re planning a planning a romantic sail for just the two of you or you’re planning a party for many on the water, booking your charter is easy to do. You can do it in either of three ways.

Bristol Charter Phuket
Charter companies will be happy to provide food and beverages.

Most major resorts offer concierge services that are well-versed in booking a boat trip for you. Just tell them how many people are sailing, what areas you’d like to see, what day you’d like to sail and let them take care of everything else. They’ll even arrange transportation to and from the marina.

If you’re staying in a resort that doesn’t have concierge services, there are numerous tour companies on the island that will also be happy to arrange a day trip for you, including land transportation. The front desk of your resort should be able to direct you to one close by.

You can also book your boat charter directly. Ao Po Grand Marina lists their charter operators on their website, along with contact details. They also have a list of transport companies that can arrange for your land transportation needs.

What to Bring on Your Boating Excursion

Pack like you would for a day at the beach. You’ll probably want to go barefoot on the boat, but bring along shoes you don’t mind getting wet, like flip-flops or sandals, to wear for exploring any islands you stop at. A lot of boats have snorkeling gear available, though if you’re serious about snorkeling, you should bring your own gear to ensure a proper fit.

Bristol Charter Phuket
A birds-eye view of the romance of a boat excursion in the waters of Phuket.

Most boat charter companies can provide lunch and drinks as well and can provide you with a menu at the time you book your charter. All boats have coolers and ice chests to keep any drinks you bring along properly chilled.

HQ Club Lounge Phuket
Your boat trip will enable you to reach un-crowded, spotless beaches.

Sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm a towel and perhaps a change of clothes should round out your list of supplies. Bon Voyage!

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