Budget Breaks: Koh Phangan


The island can be divided into 5 zones that cater to all kinds of people.


Koh Phangan is one of Thailand’s most popular islands and one that has it all. And it’s not only the Full Moon Party but also a wide array of options to experience in health and spa, yoga, adventure trips, sports activities and untouched nature. The island can be divided into 5 zones that cater to all kinds of people. Once you get here you will soon realize that this island is huge, so the first thing you wanna do is get yourself a ride. My tip would be to rent a motorbike.
It’s by far the easiest, cheapest and most fun way to explore the island. Getting a motorbike is fairly easy, just hit up one of the many rental places around the island that hire out bikes for about 150 Baht a day, which is still cheaper than a single ride in one of the local taxis.  When it comes to accommodation, especially during the Full Moon period, you don’t want to be too far away from all the action. This resort is located on the quieter side of Haad Rin Beach, so if you like to chill out in a more relaxed environment before you hit the Party, this is just the place to be. Not being a big party person, when I first got here I was quite skeptical but I’m definitely leaving this island as a fan. With its five zones it really has something for everyone and thats the beauty of Thailand. It has variety, its all things to all people. SO what can we take away from this? The lesson I’ve learned is: never judge a book by its cover. Even if you are not a big party person, you should still come here and check out Koh Phangan at least once in your lifetime and I guarantee you wont regret it.

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