Budget Breaks: Koh Tao


Fun adventures while giving your wallet a break!


On this Budget Breaks Episode we’re giving you a run down of a well-organized, 2-day trip in Koh Tao with an affordable budget that covers all the fun activities. We picked Koh Tao because of its picturesque natural surroundings, taking only 2 hours to reach from the mainland by speed boat at only THB600 per person. Once we arrived on Koh Tao, a little homework led us straight to Sairee Beach where Ban’s Diving Resort is located, welcoming us with a triple deluxe room at THB1,160 per person – a great deal for those looking for comfort and decent facilities.
Budget Breaks: Koh Tao
A huge discount which can be up to 40% is available for guests who sign up for diving classes at the onsite diving centre as well. On this trip we only spent THB1,000 each on diving fees at the New Heaven Diving School where there is a conservation program which was first set up 6 years ago – the group’s pure passion has resulted in the group having been expanded extensively.

Apart from must-do activities like diving, we were lucky enough to attend the Save Koh Tao Festival 2013 organized by the Royal Thai Navy and the Save Koh Tao community to promote environmentally-conscious living and eco-care awareness. We ended the trip with cocktails by the beachside and lots of girly gossip. We’re sure to be back on this paradise island again.

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