Budget Breaks: Pattaya


When the sun sets in Pattaya, the energy goes up a notch.


Pattaya was, at first, a humble fishing village. But one that quickly became a very popular beach resort and Thailand’s second most visited city thanks to its close proximity to the capital, its beautiful beaches, and its many islands.  Another big draw is the ease at which you can get around. Our first stop will be to check-in and drop off our bags at the Ganymede Resort, which is ideally tucked into the Jomtien Complex. Here we are within easy reach of all the sites, attractions, and hotspots of the city.
Budget Breaks: Pattaya
The area also hosts a few bars and shops that are a stroll away. When you’re ready to check out the beach, you’re only a few steps away. And there is so much more to do than just build sandcastles here. Water sports are a popular activity and there are several ones you can choose from. You can paddle boats in the open water, parasail, ride jet skis, or try something completely new like windsurfing for only a few hundred baht. If you have no experience, you can hire an instructor for only a couple hundred baht more.

The advice they give will be well worth the money and you’ll feel it in the ride. But if you’re only looking to chill on the beach, you can do that free. When the sun sets in Pattaya, the energy goes up a notch, with club lights splashing the city and music livening up the streets. And it’s all fed by the infamous Walking Street. It would be a traveler’s sin to not walk through and check out all there is to offer – and trust me, there will be plenty of that here.

Between all the noise and bar girls, you’ll find a few things going on. I’d definitely suggest you catch a muay thai fight and the street magician isn’t that bad either. As the night winds down, we finish off our beers, spending around 800 baht – pretty good for a solid night of fun. After a great night of sleep, we wake fresh for a delicious breakfast and an exclusive interview with the owner of Ganymede Resort.

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