How to Own or Buy a Property in Thailand as a Foreigner


Title Investigation


A comprehensive examination of title deed recorded at the Land Department should be done.

You need to verify that the seller has a clear and legal title of the land before you enter into a contractual agreement.


When you feel satisfied with the property, you will be asked to make a deposit to show that you are willing to continue the process.

In return, the seller will reserve the property for you and start the process by drafting the contracts for purchase.

Review of Contracts

The seller will have the contracts prepared for you. Since the seller will write the contracts, it is highly recommended that you have a
lawyer to review the terms and conditions.

You will want protection for your interests, a proper remedy should be stated in the contract.

The contract will contain a clause for penalty if you are late with your payment. This should be fair and reasonable to both the seller and buyer.

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