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Top Chiang Mai Wildlife Attractions


When visiting the stunning area of Chiang Mai there are many attractions to go and see. Are you someone who enjoys seeing wildlife? Then you cannot miss out on experiencing Chiang Mai Zoo and Chiang Mai Night Safari.

When visiting these locations you can see and get up close with many native and exotic animals from Kangaroos to elephants and everything in between. These locations are among the best in Thailand.

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Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai zoo

Located around 15- 30 minutes’ drive North West of Chiang Mai towards the beautiful mountains of Doi Suthep – Pui National Park is Chiang Mai Zoo. This large zoo sits on 200 acres of beautiful landscape and houses over 400 animal species, a snowdome, panda house, aquarium, kids water park and more. Opened from 8am to 5pm daily you would need most of the day explore and visit the zoo grounds.

Most people find that the best way to travel to Chiang Mai Zoo is to get the red taxi. They are very common around Chiang Mai and so it is quite easy to flag one down. Tell the driver you are wanting to go to Chiang Mai Zoo and they will know the way as it is a popular tourist attraction.

Negotiate a price with the driver before getting into the back of what more looks like a covered pick-up truck with two rows of seats. Usually the price payed is per person so it’s important to make sure you are clear about exactly what you are paying to avoid any disagreements once arriving to the location.

Chiang Mai Zoo Packages

Entry into zoo – Adult 150 Baht & Child 100 Baht.
Entry into zoo + Panda exhibit – Adult 250 Baht & Child 120 Baht.
Entry into zoo + Aquarium – Adult 520 Baht & Child 390 Baht.

Transportation In The Zoo

Walking around the zoo – Free.
Private car. Drive yourself – 50 Baht.
Golf cart. Drive yourself – 350 Baht for the first hour & 300 Baht next hour.
Panorama bus (with driver) – Adult 30 Baht & Child 20 Baht.


Panda exhibit – Adult 100 Baht & Child 50 Baht.
Opening hours – 9am till 5pm.

Snow-dome – Adult 150 Baht & Child 100 Baht.
Opening hours – 9.45am till 4.45pm.

Aquarium – Adult 450 Baht & Child 350 Baht.
Opening hours – 10.30 till 4pm.

Water Park – Adult 50 Baht & Child 20 Baht.
Opening hours – 10am till 4pm.

Tarzan Extreme – Stage 1: 100 Baht to Stage 37: 1900 Baht (pricing increases per stage).

Animal Demonstrations

Seal Show – Free.
Animal Show – Free.

What To See

Giraffe Feeding
Credit: Samantha Damiano

Chiang Mai Zoo has over 400 animal species ranging from mammals, reptiles, birds and aquatic animals. Walk around the amazing zoo grounds and discover as many animals as you can and even feed some of them such as the hippopotamus and Giraffe. From feathers to scales there will be an animal that will interest everyone.

Don’t forget to check out the Snow-dome where you can escape the heat and slide down the ice slide or go visit the pandas (3) at panda house. You can also escape the heat by checking the aquarium and cool the kids off at the water park.

What To Bring With You

Bring along these basic items on your visit as you will find they will most likely come in handy on the day.

Camera – It’s always great to document your day and grab a selfie with sleepy koala. Make sure you have plenty of room on your SD card as there are over 400 animals to visit.
Good walking shoes – If deciding not to take the transport available around the zoo you will do a lot of walking. Wear some good walking shoes so that you feel comfortable in and then you won’t get blisters. Ouch!
Hat – You will spend most of the day outside so make sure you wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
Sunblock – Slip, Slop and Slap on that sunscreen to protect your skin. You don’t want to get burned.
Water – keep hydrated. The zoo sits on 200 acres and although there are places to sit, eat and drink it is also good to have some water to have with you when you are walking around.
Spare money – Bring some spare change so you can buy some food to feed different animals around the zoo like the giraffes, deers, hippopotamus and more.

Chiang Mai Night Safari

Chiang Mai Night Safari
Credit: Wade Vandergraaf

Located on 300 acres of beautiful, landscape Chiang Mai Night Safari is around 13km from the common tourist destination of Tae Phae Gate in Chiang Mai and should only take around 20 minutes to arrive at the location.

It’s advisable to arrange tickets through a local travel agent, hotel reception or a tour agent, including transfer. This will allow you to sit back and relax and once you’re finished the driver will bring you back.

If you have your own transport then follow the south bound Hang Dong highway. Follow the signposted route, turning right at the second intersection after the end of the airport runway. This will then lead you directly to the Royal Flora grounds from where you will notice the themed entry gate. Parking is provided.

Even though it is known as a night safari the zoo is opened daily from 11am till 10pm. Visitors can explore the park grounds during the day, however it becomes most popular of a night.

People like to see the nocturnal animals such as lions and tigers roaming under spotlight. The area is accessible via open-sided safari trams while the jaguar trail is a walking trail which you can wander at your own pace.

Day Safari

There is a Day safari that will take people around the zoo. Visitors are able to see a variety of animals but the main predator animals like lions, tigers hyenas etc. will all be active at night so most people tend to wait and go to the zoo once the sun has gone down.

Price – Adult 800 Baht & Child 400 Baht. This is a one hour. tour around but is in Thai.
Opening hours – 3pm till 4.30pm.

Night Safari

The Night Safari is the most popular as people board the trams to explore the zoo grounds after the sun has gone down. There are two zones, the Savanna Safari Zone and the Predator Prowl Zone to explore of a night. Each trail is a 2.4km long.

On the Savanna trail you will be taken across the plains of Africa as you feed the giraffes, zebras, antelopes and more as they come over to the tram. The Predator trail encounters the fiercest carnivores around such as tigers, hyenas, lions, bears and more as they prowl throughout the night.

There are also some gentler animals such as wallabies and deer which you are able to feed.
Price – Adult 800 & Child 400 Baht.
Opening hours – 6.50pm till 10pm.
Times – Tram ride: English version, depart 6.50 pm, 7.30 pm. 8.30 pm, 9.30 pm, 10.00 pm.

Jaguar Trail

Put on you shoes and walk at your own pace in the day or night around the landscaped jungle trail that will take you through areas where you can see animals such as flamingos, emus, tigers, jaguars and more. A great way to see the animals and explore the zoo grounds.
Price – Adult 100 Baht & Child 50 Baht.
Opening hours –11am till 9.30pm.

More Than Just a Zoo

Chiang Mai Night Safari
Credit: Wade Vandergraaf

There is a nightly dancing show known as the creatures of the night. The show is performed at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm daily. After that you can see the musical fountain and water screen where visitors can admire the water jetting 12 metres high and 20 metres across with lights and images projected onto the water. Times for this is at 8pm and 9.10pm every night.

As well as plenty of more activities like the tiger show, horseman show children’s world and more, Chiang Mai’s night safari is suited for everyone. A great night to remember from your stay in Chiang Mai.

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