Satisfy your Seafood Cravings at The Crab House, Phuket


Taste the Fresh and Delicious Seafood at The Crab House


If you are a seafood lover (especially crabs), and love a nice atmosphere while indulging in delicious seafood, then The Crab House might be what you are looking for!

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There are huge mud crabs that weigh in at up to two kilos, each with their fearsome-looking claws hand tied with red restrainers.

These come from a secret location outside Phuket and are absolutely the biggest crabs you will find anywhere on the island.

There are also Blue and soft shell crabs, as well as local lobsters and maine lobsters, prawns and all the other key ingredients to make up the amazing seafood meals, but it’s the heavyweight mud crabs that are the stars of this superb culinary show.

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