5 Delicious Foods to Discover in the ASEAN Region


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There are a Lot More Delicious Foods than the Travel Guides Tell You About

The ASEAN region has some delicious food choices, no doubt. Each of the countries has a special delicacy that visitors are dying to try, once they visit. They want to find out how the local version stacks up to versions that they’ve tried at home. But, these iconic foods are often not even the best dishes that a country has to offer. And so, we’ll share some lesser-known dishes that you need to try when you visit an ASEAN country.

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Delicious Foods around the Multi-cultural ASEAN Region

The ASEAN region is a region of over-lapping cultures. There are Chinese influences in much of the region’s many cuisines. Truly iconic dishes, however, show the diversity of each country’s culture and take the foods to a new level. These delicious foods never represent the entire extent of a country’s cuisine. They are only a small taste of it.

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