Sampran Riverside | an Eco-Cultural Destination


Thailand’s Eco-Cultural Destination Experience


Only one hour from Bangkok is Sampran Riverside Resort, truly a hidden gem with beliefs true to philosophy of traditional Thai ways to this day. This family run establishment launched in 1962 and has since been passed down through three generations of family.

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Experience Thai Culture

Travelers from across the globe visit Sampran Riverside to learn about Thai culture. The resort features a Thai village which offers numerous workshops for guests to join. Have a go at rice farming, making pottery, and other traditional Thai arts and crafts.
Submerge yourself into local culture as well as cultures from other destinations in Thailand.

Experience Thai Organic Farming and Foods, The Traditional Way

While Thai Culture has always been the core at Sampran Riverside, they opened an Organic side to the business which includes a farm. Here you can learn about Thai organic farming, types of food grown, and best yet, all the organic produce from the farm is used at their restaurant.
Both day-trips and multi-night stays are available. Guests may choose to stay in a nicely appointed 160 room hotel on property or experience living in an antique Thai house.

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