Discover Thainess Grand Opening Ceremony


2015 Discover Thainess Grand Opening Ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand


On Wednesday 14 January iTravel was privileged to cover the grand opening ceremony of the 2015 ‘Discover Thainess’ campaign, an innovative new initiative which aims to promote and preserve Thai culture and boost tourism to the country.
2015 Discover Thainess Grand Opening Ceremony
The ceremony took place in front of the Siam Discovery Centre on Rama I Road and was followed by a colourful 3.5 kilometre parade through the streets of Bangkok, a dazzling spectacle which included vibrant cultural shows, elaborate floats and exquisitely dressed dancers and performers.

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Discover Thainess and Thailand Tourism Festival

The spectacular launch of both 2015’s Discover Thainess campaign and the Thailand Tourism Festival has been an amazing success. During the course of the night the richness, beauty and unique appeal of Thai culture and Thai ways were showcased to perfection, with visitors getting to enjoy everything from traditional music and dance to delicious Thai cuisine and depictions of Thailand’s fascinating history.
2015 Discover Thainess Grand Opening Ceremony
With such a mesmerising start, the Discover Thainess campaign is sure to achieve great things in the year ahead and will make 2015 a very special year, both for international visitors to Thailand and for the Thai people themselves.

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2015 Discover Thainess Grand Opening Ceremony
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