Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Thailand


Thailand Travel Advice – Do’s and Don’ts


We don’t want you to get in trouble while visiting the Land of Smiles. We’ve compiled a short guide of DO’s and DO NOT’s while you are traveling to Thailand that’ll prevent many headaches. In fact, it’ll make for smoother travels and may just save you money as well as unnecessary hassle.

The Kingdom of Thailand is rich in cultural sites, spectacular beaches, fun activities, and yummy food, with many things for travelers to see and do. There’s also great Thai beers, drinks, and a wide variety of nightlife. That said, it’s a fact some travelers do visit Thailand for the sole purpose of partying, drinking, drugs, and sex.

If you fall into the latter class, beware, as being robbed while catching an STD is not a happy ending.

We’ll cover a few important guidelines below, but do watch our video for the full story.

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Important Guidelines – DOs in Thailand

DO carry your passport in Thailand. Yes, this one is a bit tricky as you don’t want your passport lost or stolen when you’re out and about. Replacing a passport can be an expensive and time-consuming chore. However, the catch-22 is Thai law does require you to carry identification and authorities have been known to conduct street checks.

DO carry a photocopy of your passport, arrival stamp (plus visa if applicable), and stamped departure card, IF you choose to lockup your passport in a safe place. This apparently passes as acceptable most of the time and is a common practice by others.

DO dress properly when visiting temples and shrines.

DO keep cool, calm, and collected, if there is a provocation.

DO eat rice with a spoon.

DO have adequate travel insurance. It’s an unfortunate fact some visitors do get sick or injured when traveling internationally. Be sure to purchase a plan which includes an appropriate level of medical coverage. Should you need to visit a doctor or hospital, the good news is health care is quite good in Thailand.

Guidelines to DO NOT’s in Thailand

DO NOT surrender your passport as collateral for a motorbike rental. If a photocopy or credit card deposit is not acceptable, find another company to rent from. First, you may need your passport for some transactions, secondly you must carry ID, and third, you need your passport to depart the country. As you need your passport for travel and other transactions (hotel check-in, financial, etc), some rental companies will demand additional cash for “damages” upon returning the bike, placing you in a sticky situation.

DO NOT disrespect the Royal Family, it’s illegal.

DO NOT get involved in drugs, even ‘soft’ drugs, the penalties are SEVERE.

DO NOT get involved in prostitution, being robbed and catching and STD (or two) is not a happy ending.

DO NOT take most Buddha images or statues outside of Thailand without a permit.

DO NOT touch a Thai person’s head.

DO NOT point with your feet.

DO NOT goto the beach nude – you must cross nude sunbathing off your list.

DO NOT obtain taxi’s or services from touts, don’t get taken for a ride.

In closing, Welcome to Thailand, but be sure to watch our video for additional tips and stay out of trouble.

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