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Learn about authentic Thai food and recipes with Eat Asia

If you love Thai food – then Eat Asia is for you! iTravel presenter and food journalist Natalie Scarr is a dedicated ‘die-hard’ foodie with a passion for authentic and delicious Asian and Thai cuisine – and everything in between. Thailand is country with incredible food history, and is arguably one of the world’s greatest food nations and destinations. Eat Asia is based on the idea that food should be a complicated balance of sweet, salty, spicy and sour, Thailand’s food is much more than just Pad Thai!

Eat Asia featuring Thai Destinations

This season on Eat Asia we go to Thailand’s major destinations – Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui and Chiang Mai - and discover their local and unique cuisines.

Eat Asia Show, Thailand series hosted by Natalie Scarr

The food show with an exotic twist is presented by London-born, New Zealand raised and Bangkok based journalist Natalie Scarr. Natalie selects one dish that represents the city, then finds out the dish’s origins, learns how to cook it the traditional way from Thai chefs then scouts out the best places to eat this specialty.

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