Spend your Precious Leisure Time in Koh Muk


Tham Morakot


This mid-size island is located off the coast of Trang province. The highlight of Muk’s island is the “Emerald cave” also known as Tham Morakot. It starts with a 10-minute kayak through a dark passage, emerald shade grabs the water, brightening as you approach a sheltered sinkhole biome and beach.


Here you won’t find stunning reefs off their shores. But you will be mesmerized by the beautiful white sand and crystalline ocean.

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Haad Farang or Charlie Beach

Haad Farang, also called Charlie Beach, is easily reachable by walking from the village or by taking a motorbike taxi. The price is usually around 50 baht and you get to the beach in just a few minutes. This beach is suitable for swimming. Although there are a few stones in the water on the left side, you can still have a good swim in the middle of the beach. Just a perfect place for cooling down.

How to get to Koh Muk

Since Koh Muk is a small island and doesn’t have an airport, many people would consider the journey as difficult.

In the town of Trang, you can find some small travel agencies near the train station that are all offering tickets to the Trang Islands.

The pier is about 45 minutes away from the town of Trang. In the high season, there are 3 ferries departing to the island. Also, you can go to Koh Muk with a longtail boat, which is slightly more expensive (about 250-300) but also faster.

Koh Muk is definitely one of the islands you need to put on your bucket list, not because of the beaches, but because of the overall atmosphere of the island.

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