Guide to Bangkok Canal Taxi System


Tips and Tricks about Bangkok’s Canal Taxi System


Bangkok is well known for its’ busy city life and traffic jams, but there is so many ways to travel in Bangkok and despite being a crowded place, using express boat it another great way to get around and avoiding traffic.

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Khlong Saen Saeb

With its’ 18 Kilometer route passing through the heart of Bangkok city makes it one of the most favorable way of traveling for both locals and tourist. You can see what is happening along the canal, with houses and locals living there with its’ vintage looking scenery that will give you the old Bangkok vibe. There are sidewalks which you could take along the canal, but beware of the water smell which could be quite noticeable at some point.

Information about Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat


Canal route map

There are a total of 27 pier along the Khlong Saen Saep canal, which makes it easy for people to travel around Bangkok. It starts off at Panfa Leelard then cuts through central areas such as
Thong Lor

Public Train Stations Nearby

BTS – You can travel to the national stadium station or Siam in order to go to Hua Chang bridge pier, but we would recommend to go to Siam station just because it is closer to the Pier.

MRT – The closest intersect to Asoke Petchaburi pier is Phetchaburi station.

Airport Link – Hua Mak station is the nearest station to The Mall Ramkhamhaeng Pier.

Price Range and How to Buy Tickets

The ticket price varies from 16-42 baht depending on which station you are heading to, it would take roughly 5-15 minutes on the train.

For Khlong Saen Saeb express boat the fee will be about 20 baht, once you get on the boat you’ll see the crew where you will tell your destination pier and pay at that very moment, just be careful not to drop anything while the boat is on the move!

Why is it better to use Express boat?

With express boat it could get crowded at times and do require some physical strength to hang on, but there will be no traffic jams which could then make it a lot faster to travel around, plus, it’s a great addition to look around the locals’ life in the heart of Bangkok.

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