Etihad Introduce Lounges for Economy Class Passengers


When will the changes take place?


The change was announced on 22th June 2017, and the fee for the economy ticket to access the business class lounge will start from 370 dirhams (101US) and the cost will also depends on how long you stay in the lounge. This will also allow economy class to get a paid access to its lounges at the other airports around the world.

And the change will also permit the business class passengers to play for the first class lounges.

Etihad lounge 2

Other changes from the Etihad is the new bidding system for economy passengers to pay for up to three empty seats next to their own. The first class lounge offers you one of the most luxurious experience of airlines travel. It also offers you a dining area for an à la carte menus, a bar with a specially trained mixologist to mix up you drinks, and also a spa that offers a wide range of treatments.

Bustiness class lounge offers you a buffet in stead of an à la carte menus, cappuccino machine, and also a spa center but with less services compared to the first class.

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