Events taking place in Bangkok July 26-31


Whether you love concerts or cats you’re sure to find something to suit you


The Thai capital always has some big event, festival or occasion taking place, and this week is no exception. If you’re in Bangkok between July 25 and July 31, read on to find out what you can get up to!

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Myanmar Up-Close


To find out more about this fascinating and little-understood country and its migrant workers who flock to Thailand to make a living, make sure you attend this outstanding exhibition, which runs until Sunday 31 July at Museum Siam, in Rattanokosin. This exhibition will open your eyes to the hopes, dreams and daily struggles of these workers and their struggle to surmount the cultural gap that currently exists between them and their host nation.

Selena Gomez Revival Tour

Selena Gomez is coming to Thailand as part of her eagerly awaited Revival Tour, named after her latest album. The singing sensation, who started off as a fresh-faced teen but who has involved into a globe-trotting, chart-topping superstar, will be wowing Thai fans with some of her hottest tracks, including ‘Same Old Love’ and ‘Good for You’. Make sure you buy your tickets a.s.a.p. to grab a place at Muangthai GMM Live House this Friday 29 July.

Save the Thai Buffalo

Save Thai Buffalo

If you are in the mood for something a little quirky but profound, be sure to head to the YenakArt Villa Art Gallery before Sunday 31 July to catch Maitree Siriboon’s exhibition. Here you will find 10 poignant photographs of an albino buffalo, dubbed Save the Thai Buffalo, a tribute to the patient hard-working animal that has contributed so much to the Thai rice industry over the years. In the same space, the artist is also exhibiting his latest mosaic pieces.

Thailand Cat Show 2016

Thailand Cat Show

If you love kitty cats you won’t want to miss this feline extravaganza! Held at Centralplaza Westgate from Saturday 30 July to Sunday 31 July, this highly popular celebration of all things cat-related is sure to be a big hit for the 16th year in a row. Run by the Cat Fanciers’ Club of Thailand, the show will draw breeders and groomers from across the country to show their pampered moggies in 8 different show rings, so there will be plenty of action and dozens of gorgeous kitties to admire.

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