Experience Fascinating Time-honoured Traditions at Tai Dam Cultural Village


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If you love culture and you want to learn something new then you have to visit the Tai Dam Cultural Village in Chiang Khan district of Loei province. The Tai Dam are a cultural minority that originated in Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam but have been living in this area of Thailand since 1905, after migrating from Laos. They have a very specific and unique way of life and preserving this is why this new museum was created in early 2014.

The name Tai Dam translates roughly as people who wear black and we met with the leader of the local community to find out more. Weaving skills are a huge part of the Tai Dam way, and they create these neon amulets out of vibrant thread to offer to the good spirits so that they can protect them and they have endless shapes and styles. And these are completely weaved by hand! This museum was created with the idea to teach the younger generation about the Tai Dam people and here you can also explore the unique buildings used for living and storing food.
The Tai Dam are mostly rice farmers and in this area there is a homestay association made up of 20 local homes which they open up to visitors to have the coolest and most authentic experience. They painstakingly prepare traditional food so you can eat all meals with them and also learn about the tastes of the Tai Dam. And of course it’s a very social and fun experience. You also learn how they make thread and can get behind a weaving loom should the urge take you! Then you can buy the beautiful handicrafts if you want to make friends jealous, or even work on their tapioca plantations for a different kind of work out. This is definitely one of my top cultural recommendations in Thailand! 

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