Experience Mother’s Day in Thailand


A nation-wide event celebrating mothers everywhere and one very special mother in particular


Mothers are arguably the most special people in the world, bringing us the gift of life, not to mention tenderness, compassion and constant unconditional love and care. Countries all across the world celebrate them with an annual Mother’s Day and the Land of Smiles is no different. Thailand first instated Mother’s Day as an official recurring holiday back in 1950, when it was originally held on 15 April. However, in 1976, the date was altered in order to fall on the birthday of HM Queen Sirikit, who is considered to be the mother of all Thais and a woman loved and revered by the entire country.

As a result, on 12 August every year, Thailand holds a nation-wide celebration of mothers and of its beloved queen, with households, businesses and public spaces across the land putting up portraits, decorations and festive lights, in honour of the occasion.

Festivities begin in the morning on Mother’s Day, with alms giving at local temples, and continue with poignant candle-lighting ceremonies and riotous displays of fireworks later in the day. Various processions are also held across the country, particularly in Bangkok.

Schools across the land host their own heart-warming Mother’s Day ceremonies, with mothers of pupils being invited to come in and have their children kneel at their feet as a gesture of love and respect. Children spend a great deal of time creating beautiful handmade cards to give to their mums, and she will also receive gifts. Jasmine is the most traditional gift, as it is a symbol of motherhood, purity and gentleness, but mums will also receive sweet treats, jewelry, handbags and maybe even some more high-tech presents. Mothers are also treated to a special meal, just as they are in the UK, and many restaurants will have special Mother’s Day promotions.

If you are in Thailand on Mother’s Day you are sure to relish this heart-warming spectacle; and if your mother just so happens to be in the country with you, make sure you treat her to some soft white jasmine blooms and a delicious dinner. You can even say Happy Mother’s Day just like the locals do with this simple phrase: ‘Suksan wan mae’.

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