Experiencing the Wonders of Chiang Rai (Part 1)


Top Things To Do in Chiang Rai


Welcome to the first of iTravel’s exciting 3-part Destination special focusing on the spectacular northern Thai province of Chiang Rai. Home to the famous Golden Triangle, where Laos, Myanmar and Thailand intersect, Chiang Rai is famous for its breath-taking landscapes and its vibrant culture – not to mention the delectable local cuisine.

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Visit Hill Tribes (Karen and Akha people)

One of the highlights of visiting the province is getting the chance to meet the hill tribes who make their homes among the lush mountains and valleys of Chiang Rai; on the first day of our trip, iTravel was privileged to spend some time with the Karen and the Akha people, meeting and interacting with them, seeing how they live, how they eat, and how they create some of their stunning handicrafts. In return, we got to share what we do and the shows we create back in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.
Visit Akha People in Chiang Rai

Elephant Trekking

During that exhilarating first day, we also got up close and personal with some of Chiang Rai’s famous four-legged inhabitants – the elephants. Riding on these noble creatures is always an unforgettable experience; especially if you are ‘in the driver’s seat’.

Visit Huay Mae Sai Waterfall

And after an exciting elephant trek, the perfect way to cool off is by heading to a beautiful waterfall such as the one we visited, Huay Mae Sai, nestled in the lush jungle of Chiang Rai.

All in all, our visit to this mesmerising northernmost province got off to a truly amazing start on Day 1 – check out the video and be sure to stay tuned to see what happens in Part 2, where we get to visit a working tea plantation and an awe-inspiring temperate flower garden – with a royal connection – in the middle of Thailand’s lush hills, not to mention meet more of Chiang Rai’s vibrant tribespeople!

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