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Destination: Udon Thani, Thailand


Located in the Northeast of Thailand, the province of Udon Thani offers a wealth of untouched cultural treasures and natural beauty that provide a pleasant change to the hustle and bustle of the tourist-laden regions further South. Despite this, the province is easy to reach, with multiple flights to the provincial capital city of Udon Thani every day from both Bangkok airports.
Aerial View of City Pillar Shrine in Udon Thani

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Things to See and Do in Udon Thani

Once in the province, an abundance of sights and experiences open up. Exploring the stunning natural beauty of the North of Thailand is a must; especially magnificent is the mesmerizing Red Water Lily lake in Nong Han, a site whose uniqueness is matched only by its romantic beauty. Located amidst a picturesque natural landscape, the village of Khiri Wong Kot is an award-winning ecotourism haven where the local villagers are ensuring that their beautiful surroundings are left unspoilt. A chance to discover the local way of life, the village also allows visitors to explore nature first-hand through pristine hiking trails.

After the adventuring, visitors can pamper themselves whilst learning at the region’s Rock Salt Farms, which use locally produced rock salt in their indulgent spa treatments.

The province of Udon Thani proves that the cultural and the natural do indeed go hand-in-hand. At the Phu Phrabat Historical Park, the picture-perfect surroundings of caverns and spectacular rock formations provide a backdrop for buildings dating back to prehistoric times, offering a rare glimpse into the past.

120km from the city of Udon Thani lies the stunning Wat Pa Phukon, an exquisite temple housing a majestic reclining Buddha statue hewn from gleaming Italian marble. The temple’s lush surroundings complement the stunning beauty of the temple itself, making it a popular destination for visitors.

It is this blending of the cultural and the natural that make this province so unique and enriching – a destination that truly cannot be missed.

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