Eat Asia and Natalie face Pattaya’s best food challenges!


Nat VS Food Pattaya – Crazy Challenges with Delectable Rewards


Eat Asia’s presenter Natalie is famous for being able to eat anything that is put in front of her. But in this Eat Asia Extra she gets puts to the test – putting her money where her mouth is in very literal terms!

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) heard about Natalie’s iron stomach and wanted to give her a unique foodie test like no other. Taken to Pattaya for the weekend, they plied her with a tasty pork and sticky rice breakfast so that when she arrived in the resort town she was ready for her tests.

The first challenge was to flex her cooking muscles and impress a Thai chef with her ability to create a traditional Thai dish. Nat was brought to Aco Bistro at Tsix 5 Hotel and shown by their chef how to cook Grilled Pork Red Curry. Right away her challenge was revealed and the pan placed in front of her with all the necessary ingredients. Working on the fly she recreated the creamy, spicy and smoky curry and waited with baited breath for the Chef’s final decision. The ubiquitous taste-test revealed that the chef loved her cooking skills and pronounced her a winner of the challenge.

With the first test done, Natalie was allowed to collect her first reward! Nat was taken to Cape Dara Resort’s Radius Restaurant right on the oceanfront. She was presented with their signature dish on the ‘Splash and Spice’ menu, Lemongrass-crusted Australian Lamb Rack. The ultimate food-lovers reward, growing up in New Zealand Natalie loves her some good lamb, and this did not disappoint. Just check out her first bite!

But before she got too comfortable it was onto challenge two…. Natalie was delivered to The Glasshouse restaurant and only told then that they had especially asked their head chef to prepare the very spiciest dish on the menu! Sat down with an incredibly spicy broth, Natalie took the challenge head on. Eyes watering and stomach on fire – Natalie was pronounced a champion after downing two spoonful’s.

And that meant she had graduated Pattaya food school to be rewarded at Ruffino Italian restaurant in Centara Phratamnak. Sitting on the rooftop and with panoramic sea views, Natalie was served 2-year cured Italian Parma Ham and fresh Honeydew melon, topped with basil and balsamic reduction. Simply served yet complex in character, this dish is a classic for a reason.

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