Where is The Land of Smiles?

Credit: Wade Vandergraaf

Thailand – The Land of Smiles


With a population of 67.96 million (in 2015) and covering a total of 513,120 total square kilometres (510,890 square kilometres of land, 2,230 square kilometres of water), Thailand is the 51st largest nation in the world.

Thailand is a South East Asian country in the continent of Asia. Its neighbouring countries include Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. The South-Western shoreline of Thailand meets the Andaman sea of the Indian Ocean to the West. The South Central and Eastern shorelines border the Gulf of Thailand of the Pacific Ocean.

The country is popular for its stunning tropical beach and island locations, ornate temples, royal palaces, ancient ruins, interesting history, culture and religion, you would have to agree that Thailand is a land of smiles.

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