Top Things to See and Do in Dansai, Thailand


Destination: Dansai, Thailand


Dansai is a small town in North Eastern Thailand that is using bicycles to keep its residents stay healthy as well as provide a fun and sustainable mode of transport for tourists to this picturesque part of the country. Supported by the local hospital, the Green Dansai Bike tour means you can hire a bike and ride out to the best local sites. And what’s really handy is the area is flat to make for easy riding! And the trip is scenic and pretty much free of traffic.

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Wat Neramitre in Dansai

This place is just stunning. It is highly decorative and ornate, and walking into the main hall is a WOW experience with those majestic red walls. The beautiful hall and pagoda were both constructed of laterite and were the products of the imagination of monks and novices. And the naga fountain outside is the perfect spot for a sneaky selfie if I do say so myself!

Phra That Sri Song Rak

Next stop on our bike tour was the Pra That Sri Song Rak, the most respected Lanchang- style pagoda for locals in Loei province and Laos. This stupa was built in 1560 by Laotian and Thai kings to show their unity and friendship against their then enemy, the Burmese Kingdom. We also made a flower offering which we carried to the top of the grounds to dedicate at the stupa ourselves.

Phi Tha Khon Local Museum

Next up is what I think is the coolest thing you can see in Dansai – so don’t miss out! Phi Ta Khon Local Museum is the ghost museum. Here they celebrate the ghost festival that is famous in this area for three days between March and July each year. Locals painstakingly create these masks to represent various ghosts and each one is so intricate and brightly colored.

This was followed by a healthy Thai lunch which included – health conscious people listen up – an omelet made with no oil or fat!

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To end the day in the most perfect way, at our resort some locals and children came dressed up for the Phi Ta Khon festival and danced, sang and performed the night away as the sun set behind them. Now this is the Thailand that we

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