The Global Day of Discovery at the Renaissance Hotel


The show initially broadcasted in HD on June 7th, 2017 at 9PM GMT+ Bangkok, Thailand.

The Global Day of Discovery is a World-wide, Unique Event

The Renaissance Hotel, a part of Marriott International Inc., hosted an event called the Global Day of Discovery this month. This event is aimed at educating business travelers to the cultural attractions of each country they visit in the course of their travels.

The event is held every year for hotel guests as well as local residents. And, the celebration also offers great food and drinks along with exclusive packages to Marriott Rewards members for a limited time.

In Bangkok, The theme of the event was Muay Thai. The event had demonstrations of the ancient, Thai martial art. It also had hands-on exhibits the guests could experience and try for themselves.

The Global Day of Discovery at the Renaissance Hotel
Muay Thai Fighters perform at the Global Day of Discovery

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The Global Day of Discovery Unites People around the World

The event highlights the cultural attractions of every country that a Renaissance Hotel is located in. As a result, they encourage business travelers to get out and explore each country that they visit.

The event is held on the same day around the world. It’s an annual celebration of the world’s cultures and the contributions each country makes to humanity as a whole.

Celebrating the Diversity of Thailand

The theme of Muay Thai was chosen as it known throughout the world as being uniquely Thai. The color and traditions were on display as business travelers and local residents toured the displays. They enjoyed the exhibitions by trained Muay Thai fighters. The hotel also provided food and refreshments for the guests to enjoy.

The Global Day of Discovery at the Renaissance Hotel
Renaissance hotel guests pose with Muay Thai fighters

The business travelers who took part in the event received an education in Muay Thai that was entertaining and informative. They also were encouraged to explore more of what Thailand has to offer.

Opening the Eyes of Business Travelers

The mantra of the Renaissance hotel is – Business Unusual. They hope to get business travelers to realize the opportunity they have to learn about the world through their business travels.

By increasing the awareness of the diverse cultures around the globe, they hope to enrich the travel experiences for all their customers.

The Global Day of Discovery at the Renaissance Hotel
Thai massage was also on offer at the Global Day of Discovery

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