Visit the Stunning Golden Mangrove Forest & Koh Samet


Exploring Thung Prong Thong Golden Mangrove Forest


The iTravel team travelled to the island of koh Samet for the upcoming ‘Upcycling the Ocean, Thailand’, which will be held on the 01st of September 2017.

‘Upcycling the Ocean, Thailand’ is a clean-up effort, held as part of a global initiative to help clean the ocean of debris.

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The journey first included a visit and tour to Thung Prong Thong Golden Mangrove Forest. Everyone took a long-tail boat tour that snaked through the mangroves and out to a never-ending Bamboo wall that meets the ocean. The purpose of the wall is to protect the important mangroves from the open ocean.

The boat tour only takes 30 minutes or so and costs 50 baht per person. It is open every-day from 6am until 7pm.

It would be a good idea to choose a time either side of midday as it can become quite hot during this time.

The boat journey is very relaxing as you glide along the water and take in the nature. You may be lucky enough to see bats, which are the largest of the species found in Thailand, resting in the trees.

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