Eat Asia Episode 2: Bangkok Cooking Schools


Guide to Bangkok Cooking Schools with Eat Asia


Last week Natalie took on Bangkok head on by exploring the central Thai dish of Pad Krapow. This week she is back to take the challenge to learn the family recipes for Pad Krapow from three traditional, powerhouse Bangkok chefs. Learn how to capture the true Thai taste bursting garlic, chili and holy basil. Each chef takes Natalie step by step on how to create the most perfect Bangkok Pad Krapow.  Think Natalie can handle the heat of the kitchen? Watch on to find out!
Guide to Bangkok Cooking Schools

  • Kirby Studios Video Production
  • Pia's Journey to Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sea Sand and Sun Pattaya

Cooking Schools:

Amita Cooking School
Salathip Thai Restaurant
Naj Thai Cooking School

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