Guide to Bangkok Skytrain System (BTS)


Video Guide on How to use the Bangkok Mass Skytrain System (BTS)


The Bangkok Skytrain System or BTS is the go-to mode of transportation to get almost anywhere in Bangkok City. It’s cheap, fast and convenient if you know just how to do it. As of the 12th of January 2015, the lines have even extended to cover the growing city, which gives you more of a reason to learn the traps. iTips will make you an expert by telling you the ticket package best for travellers, safety precautions to observe and practice and even the fabulous tourist destinations you can get to by BTS.

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Three Main Ticket Types in using Bangkok Skytrain System (BTS)

The Bangkok Mass Transit System, or BTS as it is more commonly known, is like the veins pumping the metropolitan lifeblood of Bangkok. The first thing you need to know is about the three main ticket types. There is the Single Journey Ticket, the Smart Pass and the Rabbit Card.

Single Journey Ticket

This ticket starts at 15 baht up to 42 baht depending on chosen destination. It is only valid to use on the date you purchase the ticket. The Single Journey Ticket can be purchased at any ticket issuing machine (TIM) and ticket vending machine (TVM). Your ticket will be retained upon exit at an automatic gate.

Smart Pass

This pass can only be used by current full time local students, aged not over 23 years, according to date of birth on Citizen ID. This ticket can use trips valid for 30 days with unlimited travel distance for number of trips specified.

Rabbit Card

More suited to travellers, the Rabbit Card is an e-money system that allows you to use the BTS, BRT and shop at retail stores such as McDonalds, Major Cineplex and Gourmet Market. These card types can be obtained for 300 Baht, which include 150 Baht issuing fee, 50 Baht deposit and 100 Baht initial stored value. These Standard Rabbit cards are available at all BTS ticket offices.

Attractions nearby BTS

The next thing you need to know is just how much the BTS can become your tour guide. It can take you to the shopping giants in town like Siam Paragon to markets like Chatuchak, all the way to Saphan Taksin pier that connects you to places like Wat Pho and the Grand Palace, and not to forget stunning places like the Jim Thompson House and the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Safety Rules and Regulations when using BTS

First, lift up your bags when you go through the ticket barriers to avoid being jammed in between. If you are traveling with large suitcases or bags, use the wider barriers. Finally when you are on the train, make sure to give up your seat to monks, the elderly and the pregnant women.

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