Guide to Bangkok’s Subway System (MRT)


Know the Ins and Outs of Bangkok’s Subway System (MRT)


It’s the grandfather of transportation in Bangkok, it’s the first of its kind, its Bangkok’s resident subway- the MRT. Not only will iTips give you all you need to know about the basics such as ticket types, you will also learn how to connect yourself to the airport link. Get on this bandwagon and learn all there is to know about this state-of-the-art transportation system.

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Bangkok Subway System (MRT) Operation Hours

The first metro in Thailand just happens to be the underground subway of Bangkok- the MRT. With the simplicity of only one line, running from 6am to midnight and with the frequency of 5-10 minutes, this state of the art metro system beats that of many other systems around the world. Compared to the BTS, this is a much simpler system. Costing between 15 to 40 baht per trip, there are three ticket types.

Three Ticket Types on Bangkok’s Subway System (MRT)

First there are single fares for adults, children and the elderly. And then there are stored value cards where a simple top up will keep you running. And finally, with unlimited trip tickets, you can choose from 1 to 30 day limitations and you can travel on the MRT as much as you need in that timeframe. There are many exits in a station. But thank goodness for the local map that can be found on the concourse.

Makkasan Airport Link Station

When you are traveling in Bangkok, it is best to know your major landmarks because addresses can often be inaccurate. This will also help when you are looking at these local maps, because these landmarks will be much easier spotted. What travellers always want to know is if they can travel to and from the airport with simple public transport. The answer is yes. If you are taking the MRT, there is a direct link from MRT Station Petchaburi to Airport Link Station Makkasan. So if you are on a budget and want to avoid missing a flight because of traffic, this option is for you.

Now that you have nailed down the MRT, you have these corners of Bangkok covered! Be sure to watch our other public transport videos to become the ultimate mastermind in traveling around in Bangkok in the fastest, cleanest, safest and most convenient way.

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