Guide to Khiri Wong Kot Village in Udon Thani


Top Things to do at Khiri Wong Kot Village in Udon Thani


If you are planning on visiting the northeast and are looking for a good place to get off the beaten track and discover the region’s agricultural roots and natural scenery, a stop at Kiri Wong Kot village in Udon Thani province comes highly recommended.
Famers having picnic at Chang Plai Waterfall in Khri Wongkot Village

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Ride tracktor and explore the paddy fields in Khiri Wong Kot Vilalge

Residents of Khiri Wong Kot village proudly keep local traditions alive, and are more than happy to show off their unique culture to visitors. In addition to exploring the village, visitors are also invited to discover the surrounding area of lush paddy fields, tropical rainforests and waterfalls, either on foot, on the back of a specially adapted tractor or local ‘etaek’ raft for those wishing to explore the local waterways. And what better way to end the day than with a freshly prepared traditional Isan meal?

Plan your Khiri Wong Kot, Udon Thani Vacation, Holiday or Getaway

If you have a penchant for authentic experiences and want to have a glimpse of the Thailand of old, a visit to Khiri Wong Kot village will not leave you disappointed and will likely prove to be a highlight of your trip, showcasing the very soul of Isan and best that rural Thailand has to offer.

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