Guide to Romantic Getaways in Koh Samed, Thailand


Romantic Getaways in Koh Samed, Thailand


Koh Samed is found on the Eastern side of the gulf of Thailand, in the province of Rayong. The reason why Koh Samed is the perfect destination for romance is not only because it’s close to Bangkok but also because this is a National Park. It’s very well preserved and has a rich natural beauty. Plus, if you want a lively nightlife, you have it or if you want a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, you have that too! They have a full range of accommodations here, but to be honest, to keep that magic in the air, you wanna choose the best for your loved one!

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How to get to Koh Samed

To get there from Bangkok you can take a 3 hour bus ride to Ban Phe, and then if you want to party hard, go the Eastern side of the island on a 30-minute ferry. But the on Western side – where we are – can only be reached by speedboat, which makes it the perfect lovers escape.

Le Vimarn Cottages Resort and Spa in Rayong, Thailand

The setting for our romantic getaway is Le Vimarn Cottages Resort and Spa. It’s right on the beach and totally secluded and – hello – stunning. Sitting on peaceful Ao Prao beach, I love that resort is made up of cute cottages dotted along the hill.And the rooms themselves are pretty gorgeous too! There’s a nice big bed, of course, and the interiors are made up of natural wood and bamboo so its really relaxing. And for that extra special touch, you have your own private spa on your deck!

Plan your Koh Samed Vacation, Holiday or Getaway

Use our wealth of knowledge and experience through our video travel guides to plan your next vacation or holiday. Be sure to watch all of our videos on Samed, Thailand, for a complete overview of this fabulous island.

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