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Guide to Hat Yai Ice Dome


The great thing about Hat Yai is so many of its attractions are located quite close together. So if you’re in Hat Yai Park checking out the cable or spending time by the pond, it’s really easy to come to this attraction here. It’s called the Hat Yai Ice Dome, located right beside the main entrance of Hat Yai Park, and it’s a lot of fun.
Thai Smile Cabin Crew at Hat Yai Ice Dome

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Temperature inside Hat Yai Ice Dome

Welcome to the Hat Yai ice dome, home to a stunning collection of finely carved ice sculptures. The exhibition area is 1000 square meters big and eight meters high. With a temperature is minus 15 degrees, it’s the largest and coldest building in all of Thailand. To say it’s really chilly inside is definitely an understatement. That’s why you can see all the staff wears big, warm jackets. Don’t worry –winter jackets and cotton gloves are provided to all guests. There are also earmuffs and boots available for rent too.

Ice Sculptures inside Hat Yai Ice Dome

Between these subzero walls, there is a lot to exploring to do here in the Ice Dome. The sculpting work can only be described as fantastically skilled and intricate. The carvings are made by expert sculptures from Harbin, which is famously known as the “Ice City” in the northeastern part of the People’s Republic of China.

Ice Maze inside Hat Yai Ice Dome

Walking through this maze of ice sculptures is a total adventure, with all the sculptures illuminated with bright, multi colored lights. There are dinosaurs, tropical animals, castles, flora and fauna, there are even ice-cold slides! And one of the best parts is by far is enjoying an ice-cold drink at the end of it all.

Entrance Fee at Hat Yai Ice Dome

The Hat Yai Ice Dome is an attraction that’s great for anybody from groups to families. You’ll find lots of great photo ops here. The exhibition is runs seasonally, so make sure you check before you come. The operation dates vary from year to year. Entrance is just 300 baht for adults and 200 for children! If you’re looking for something totally unique in Hat Yai, then this is definitely it!

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