Hong Kong Stars Pay Respect Erawan Shrine 59th Anniversary


Find out how well they know Thailand


Early morning, November 9th, a group of Hong Kong celebrities and numerous tourists assembled at the Erawan Shrine to pay homage and celebrate the shrine’s 59th anniversary. The crowd was amazing with tourists from across Asia at the ceremony and countless others lined up to pay respect.
Hong Kong Stars at 59th Erawan Shrine Anniversary
After the incredible ceremony, we caught up with the stars from Hong Kong who were on a special visit arranged by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in conjunction with Thai Airways International and Bangkok Airways.

William, Hong Kong’s famous fashion designer felt the ceremony was spiritual and extremely impressed people were queuing the night prior to pay homage at the Shrine. William also talks about Thai designers.
Hong Kong Stars at 59th Erawan Shrine Anniversary
Derek Li, fashion presenter and model, is an annual visitor to Thailand and attends the ceremony each year to pay respect and was impressed with everyone dressed in white.

Helen To Yu Fung enjoys Ko Samui and never wants to go back to Hong Kong. Helen’s favorite things about Thailand are the food, sunshine, beaches, shopping, and most importantly, the people, “Very Friendly”
Hong Kong Stars at 59th Erawan Shrine Anniversary
On the other hand, Eddie, Composer-Singer-Actor, had a very interesting experience on his first trip to Thailand.

Finally, Roger Wu, Travel Host & Producer, invites everyone from Hong Kong to visit for the upcoming Loy Krathong Festival.

After hearing how they all love Thailand, we sprung a pop quiz on them to test how much they really know about Thailand. We even made it easy on them by showing images with multiple choices.
Hong Kong Stars at 59th Erawan Shrine Anniversary
Overall, Worapa Angkhasirisap, Director of East Asia Market Division for the Tourism Authority of Thailand, was impressed and hoping to impact confidence in travelers from Hong Kong.

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