Hotel Loyalty Programs – Are they Worth Getting Locked into?


Figuring out Whether Joining a Hotel Loyalty Program Makes Sense


Let’s focus on the business traveler. If a traveler is booking rooms under his own name, but is able to claim his expenses to his company, it can be a good deal. However, that traveler has to travel a lot.

Loyalty programs often give you only a year to accrue points. Check the requirements of any loyalty program that interests you to see if it fits in with your schedule. You’ll be able to gauge the amount of times you need to stay at the hotel to reap any sort of benefits. And, you’ll also see if you’d be saving money if you joined.

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Loyalty Programs are Marketing-Oriented

Remember, every loyalty program came from the marketing department of a hotel chain. They’re mainly designed to increase the profits of the hotel and not the savings of the hotel guest.

You’re on your own in determining whether a program makes sense for you. Don’t agree to sign up for every program put in front of you. They often come with annual charges and requirements that would be impossible for you to fulfill. Know what you’re getting into!

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